Here's a huge hearty welcome to you, as a Runner you have just found your tribe, we have hundreds of amazing runners here including veterans within the Decostella camp and current olympians like Genevieve Gregson, Morgan Mitchell, Sinead Diver, Brooke Stratton, David McNeill, Steve Solomon, Emma Jeffcoat, Hana Basic, Anneliese Rubie, Jenny Blundell, Georgia Winkcup, and Benjamin Buckingham.

Let me introduce myself, I'm Alice a Physiotherapist, Clinical Pilates Instructor, Passionate Runner, Yogi and Exercise Consultant. I've built the number 1 Australian Online Pilates Portal that also specialises in conditioning for peak running performance, injury prevention and injury rehabilitation for runners.

'It's no accident that I've attracted 15 x 2021 Australian Olympians into the fold, they are there on the mats just like you will be'

Now Let's Answer Some of Your Questions...

Q. How will pilates help my running game?

Pilates for Runners classes are specifically designed to improve run mechanics and  performance! These sessions help manage and prevent injuries, improve muscular strength endurance and help increase joint mobility. These classes have been given the tick of approval by over 15 Tokyo Olympians ranging in events from long jump to the marathon!

Q. Are there specific run based exercises, routines or sessions?

Yes. There are 'LIVE' Pilates for Runners classes run on zoom every week, over 60 'ANYTIME' Pilates for Runners classes to do on demand 24/7 and extra short run specific sessions such as "pre run activation" and "post run stretch/recovery routines". There are 'EXPRESS' sessions to do if you're time poor and 'WINEDOWN' mobility sessions to do for recovery!

Q. Do I need any special equipment to do pilates at home?

No. These classes are designed to be simple and  done ANYWHERE ANYTIME. All you need is a mat, a chair, a pillow and a band (optional). You will be blown away at how hard and effectively you can work with no fuss. You will witness your running stamina improve using body weight and these killer run specific sessions.

Q. Is there anything to help me prepare for a big race?

Consistent Pilates for Runners and Mobility/Winedown sessions incorporated into your run training plan is the ideal race prep recipe! These classes are designed to balance the bodies weaknesses, improve strength stamina, single leg stability and mobility. The golden ticket to getting to the start line healthy and ready to reach run PB's!

Q. What if I have a running injury or setback to deal with?

That is every runner at some point. With this program you can actually work on these weaknesses and come back stronger and even more resilient! With a whole section of 'REHAB WITH AB" giving specific running related injury tips, tricks and advice, you are all set to rehab and recover. There are also specific Pilates classes that LOWER LIMB INJURY FRIENDLY -perfect if you have a foot/ankle or lower limb injury and can't run, but want to stay fit and active while healing your injury. 

Q. Which classes are best for mobility?

Winedown! Stretch and Mobility Classes. These sessions are one of the most popular. Running specific stretches and mobility exercises which help with recovery and injury prevention. Feel free to bring a cheeky beverage to these relaxing sessions (sip breaks offered) to help you limber up and zen out after a tough week of miles in the legs. 

Q. Which classes are best for strength?

Pilates for Runners Sessions, Power Pilates and Intermediate Pilates are all perfect for running based strength workouts. You will work up a sweat and feel the runner burn... without even running. Your glutes, core, hamstrings and obliques will thrive in these sessions and you'll soon feel the difference in your form on the roads. 


Q. Should I do something specific before or after a run to get me into performance mode?

Yes! Try: "The Ultimate Pre and Post Run Guide". THE BEST quick and effective activation and recovery tool you can use before and after your run. This guide helps gear up the muscles, joints and mind for your run/race and then assists in winding down after your session helping with muscle recovery and repair.  

Q. If I can't make a live Pilates session, are there sessions to do on demand?

Yes! There are over 200 different sessions to do ANYTIME. The live classes are recorded so you can jump online and do any session you like 24/7! Literally Pilates on tap....

As a physiotherapist and passionate runner myself I have an extraordinary amount of knowledge in body conditioning for running. I've developed the Run sessions to specifically target injury prevention and performance for running.

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(No lock in contracts, cancel anytime. Membership contains all 14 weekly live online sessions, hundreds of prerecorded anytime sessions, re-hab with AB, The ultimate Pre-Post run routine, Physio Quick Tips program)