The following diagrams in this QuickStart Guide are based on views from an iPhone. Android is almost identical and tablets, laptops, desktops and smart TV’s carry exactly the same features but are laid out slightly differently to optimise for larger screens.

Let's take a look at logging in...

In the menu at the top of this page there’s a sign in link to login to your account and access your dashboard. The sign in link will take you to the following login screen. 

Let's Start Navigating the Program Player 

Ok so by now you will have logged in and opened the program you are interested in, let's take a look around the Pilates Online Program Player as an example of how to navigate things (hint... it’s the same navigation for each program)

Ok now jump on into one of the programs and try it out for yourself.

Technical Help

If you are trying out the FREE 48 Hour Access please send tech help enquiries to 

If you are a paid member (🛎 you get priority Tech help), just reach out via instagram DM and we'll sort it out quick as a flash.