Custom Corporate Online Pilates Group Sessions

  • Be More Productive

    Studies have shown that teams that move, become healthier and bond well together are more productive and more profitable for a business

  • Create a Positive Culture with Healthy Staff

    Lead a happy and healthy culture in your organisation by getting your staff to focus on their health in a sustainable and safe environment of their home or office.

  • Multi Experience Levels Catered For

    Having worked in this field for the last 10 years and having conducted countless group corporate sessions, I have a knack of delivering a session that is fun for the beginner right through to a seasoned fitness fanatic, no one feels out of their depth or unchallenged!

Custom Fun Corporate Themes Catered For...

💃 🤪 🥳

I'll entertain just about any idea that you have and work with you within your brand, most themes can be catered for, currently one of the most popular themes is a full 80's lycra session (think Olivia Newton John - Let's get Physical...)

Pricing for Custom Corporate Online Group Sessions

  • Small Corporate Groups

    Small Corporate Groups up to 15 People are charged at a group rate of $180 per session (45 minute session).

  • Medium Sized Corporate Groups

    Medium Sized Corporate Groups between 16 to 40 People are charged at a group rate of $225 per session (45 minute session).

  • Large Corporate Groups

    Large Corporate Groups between 41 to 100 People are charged at a group rate of $330 per session (45 minute session).

Alice Baquie

I'm Alice. I am a physiotherapist, clinical pilates instructor, runner, yogi and exercise consultant. I live my life by the simple mantra of “Movement as Medicine”. Whether that’s through the restoration of movement after an injury, or making a movement more efficient for a performance benefit, I'll assist you in restoring your best mobility. I grew up competing at an elite level in gymnastics, and later in distance running. I know the demands that sport and exercise, especially at the elite level, can place on the body. Throughout my athletic career I have had my fair share of injuries. I understand the importance of managing pain, restoring function and gaining strength/mobility in order to achieve a healthier and happier life.