I'm so happy that you've found your way here and I bet you have a whole bunch of questions that need to be answered before you take the leap into online pilates...

Firstly let me introduce myself I'm Alice a Physiotherapist, Clinical Pilates Instructor, Passionate Runner, Yogi and Exercise Consultant. Through my Physio Practice I found that most of my time was spent designing strength and conditioning exercises for clients to rehab current injuries and prevent future injuries (especially running and work based postural issues).

'It was with this in mind that I developed my live online pilates sessions to get people into tip-top shape and keep them from needing any Physio remedial action into the future'

Now Let's Answer Some of Your Questions...

Q. How many times a week should I do pilates?

Research shows twice a week for Pilates is a great dosage for improving strength and preventing injury. I recommend two strength based Pilates (such as Foundation Pilates) and one mobility session (Winedown Pilates) if this can be can be managed as it leaves you feeling balanced, strong and limber.

Q. Do I still have to go to the gym if I’m doing pilates?

No. Pilates with AB sessions are designed to replicate functional gym exercises while working on deep stability. These weight bearing Pilates sessions will help improve strength, bone density, flexibility, balance and provide you with an endorphin hit from the comfort of your own home. I have not been in a gym in 2 years and never been stronger!

Q. Do I need any special equipment to do pilates at home?

Pilates with AB sessions are designed around SIMPLICITY. All you need is a mat on the floor, a chair, a set of cans (or small weights) and a theraband/glute band (optional.) You will surprised at how hard you can work with minimal equipment and fun household props. 

Q. Can I bring a family member/housemate?

Absolutely. If you would like to bring your partner, housemate, kids or pets to a session, they are most welcome. It's a very inclusive environment and makes it extra fun when you go head to head on your mat with a Pilates mate. 

Q. Can you do pilates if you have an injury?

Yes. Pilates is great for rehab, injury prevention and injury management. Make sure you notify me of any injuries you have via email or before the class starts as I can offer modifications throughout the session so you can get the most out of your workout. For serious injuries, please chat to your Physio or Doctor to be cleared for Pilates before you decide to join. 

Q. Which classes are best for flexibility?

Winedown: Stretch and Mobility. These sessions are designed to help relax your muscles, lengthen stubborn fascia and mobilise your joints. You will feel loose, limber and zen immediately after the class

Q. Which classes are best for strength?

The best classes to help improve strength, muscular endurance, prevent and manage injuries, and improve posture are: a) Foundation Pilates to begin, then b) Express Pilates - Intermediate level c) Power Pilates. Then, after feeling comfortable in these, you can build to the most athletic sessions: d) Pilates for Runners. You will love the progression through these sessions. 


Q. Do you have any mini/ short routines if I don’t have time for a full class?

Absolutely. Sessions range in length from 8mins to 45. If you are after a full body quick session, there are express sessions in the ANYTIME section that will act as a 'quick Pilates snack'. If you are after an injury specific short session such as "stiff lower back" or "neck pain", I have a whole section dedicated to helping with specific ailments in a quick and effective manner!

As a beginner I'll build your foundation skills, core strength and resilience in no time. The great thing is you can do any of the sessions in the timetable >  as I demonstrate the beginner and advanced moves in the same session, it's up to you to move the intensity level up as you are able to. 

Click the timetable > to also see all of the session overviews.


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