Becoming an Affiliate

Are you enjoying the Alice Baquie Pilates @ Home Programs?

  • Live Group Sessions
  • Anytime Sessions
  • Specific Injury Prevention Programs


Do you know other people that you think will enjoy these programs as much as you do?


Are you interested in being rewarded for spreading the word and growing the AB community, ultimately helping people to become healthier, fitter and happier along the way.


Awesome... then being a AB Affiliate is for you. As an affiliate you will earn a monthly payment ($20) for any new memberships from people that have clicked your Individual Affiliate Link and joined the membership. You will continue to receive $20 per month for as long as that person continues as a member.

You can share your Affiliate link via:

  • Social media accounts, 
  • Social media community groups,
  • Blog posts, 
  • Text messages, 
  • Other messaging services or 
  • Email

When somebody clicks the link you’ve shared and joins the monthly membership you will be rewarded with a 20% commission that is payable to you each month for as long as the new member stays active. Payments are automatically paid via your paypal account once a month.

The Affiliate Program is simple, easy to do and your results are instantly tracked via your affiliate dashboard in your login. Best of all you are helping people to become healthier, fitter and happier in their lives.

Go ahead complete the form below to apply to become an AB Affiliate today!