Want to improve your swim mechanics, gain core strength and increase your mobility? 

Swim-Lates is just for you! 

A whole body workout which is tailored to swimmers. You will gain strength in your core, back, shoulders and mobility through your upper body, spine and hips. 

This is run by Physiotherapist Alice Baquie so is tailored to swim biomechanics and will assist in injury rehab and prevention.

🏊  Let's DIVE IN!  🏊

Swim-Lates Checklist:

Grab your mat, a pillow, chair and a band and get ready to get strong, flexible and sweaty in this swim specific power session!

  • Physio run class to help with swim conditioning and injury prevention.

  • Pre-recorded class performed at your own convenience at home with minimal props: mat, chair, band only.

  • Designed to assist with performance in the water through dry land strength and biomechanics.

Swim-Lates - Dry land training for swimmers

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    What is Swim-Lates - Dry Land Training?

    • Swim-Lates - Dry land strength and conditioning

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    Swim-Lates Recorded Session

    • Swim Laties Recorded Session

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