A one stop shop for Runners to  maximise core strength, mobility and form mechanics. 

Run fast and prevent  injury with AB!

RPR Program Benefits

Why is Pilates for Runners the best thing to add to your training plan?

  • Who?

    Program is suited to ALL runners: elite and recreational. Sessions can be done ANY time. Bring a mate to your sessions, put some tunes and embrace the Pilates burn together!

  • How

    Run specific workouts which help with pre run activation and post run recovery to get the most out of your training, prevent injury and run fast!

  • Why

    RPR sessions target core and deep muscle strength, increase mobility, and muscular endurance, enhanced movement efficiency and posture to help prevent injury run effortlessly.


All sessions can be done with minimla equipment, in the comfort of your own home, ANY time that suits. Bring a mat and some good tunes and embrace the Pilates fun together. All you need is a mat a chair and this program to get some seriously amazing run specific results!

  • Pilates for Runners home workouts! Tough sessions to help with strength, balance, run mechanics and and mobility.

  • ABs with AB (express core workouts) which target the core muscles in their entirety to help with posture, injury prevention and run performance.

  • Run specific Stretch and mobility sessions targeted at runners to help with recovery and injury prevention.

  • The Ultimate Run guide: pre and post run exercise routines to help run fast and bounce back for your next session!

The Session Line up

  • 1

    What is RPR (Run Pilates Run)?

    • Is Pilates the Successful Running Secret?

  • 2

    Express Pilates with AB

    • Sep New: Power Pilates: glute endurance -> single leg stability

    • Sep New: Power Pilates: Full body session with a focus on hip mobility and strength

    • Sep New: Power Pilates: semi-circle theme!

    • NEW Power Pilates progressive circular them

  • 3

    Anytime Pilates for Runners Sessions

    • New Session: Pilates for Runners; Thoracic mobility teamed with glute stability

    • New Session: Pilates for Runners: Cans and chair lunges!

    • New Session: Pilates for Runners: Knee drive focus!

    • New Session: Pilates for Runners: Correcting Anterior Pelvic Tilt !

    • Pilates for Runners: a theme of 2's throughout.

    • Pilates for Runners: Cans, glutes three ways and obliques

    • Pilates for Runners: Arabesques and hamstring holds

    • Pilates for Runners: lunge kick backs and single leg hamstrings

    • Pilates for Runners: unilateral strength flow

    • Pilates for Runners : Cans, reverse lunges and side planks!

    • Pilates for Runners (Tough)

    • Pilates for Runners (Single Leg)

    • Pilates for Runners (Lateral Strength)

    • Pilates for Runners (Foot & Ankle)

    • Pilates for Runners (Canned Core)

    • Pilates for Runners (Super Setting)

    • Pilates for Runners (Upper)

    • Pilates for Runners (Stability)

  • 4

    Stretch & Mobility Sessions

    • New Winedown: Stretch and Mobility -> Full body flow: shoulders, hips, glutes and spine

    • New Winedown: Stretch and mobility (full body active flow)

    • New Winedown: Stretch and mobility (full body flow with a focus on rotation)

    • New Winedown: Stretch and Mobility (Spinal roll downs and hip flexor mobility)

  • 5

    ABS with AB Sessions

    • New Core: ABs with AB: full core session with plank walk outs x3!

    • New core: ABs with AB: single can session with obliques 3 ways

    • New core: ABs with AB: obliques 4 ways

    • New Core: ABs with AB: all planes of core!

  • 6

    FUN Sessions!

    • Intermediate WINE LATIES

    • Intermediate CANNED LATIES

    • Pilates for Runners BAYWATCH REBOOT

    • Wine Down: HALLOWEEN Spooky Stretch Sesh!

    • Stretch and Mobility 80's TIMEWARP