Being side lined from running and being active due to knee pain is miserable. This extensive guide is tried and tested and will help get you back stronger and more resilient than ever!



As a Physiotherapist, this is one of the most common ailments that I deal with day in and day out, I've treated hundreds of cases of 'Runners Knee'. In this program I give you the ability to self diagnose and rehab yourself at home. Using my proven methods and my 5 steps will get you back up and running (literally) in no time...

  • Diagnosis of your knee pain using signs, symptoms and a physical assessment

  • Home self treatment techniques to restore muscle imbalances

  • A graded strength regime to condition and rehabilitate your knees

  • Self taping technique to help with mechanics and reduce pain

  • Video demonstrations and text content for easy comprehension

What's in this program?

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Start with the Correct Self Diagnosis in the FREE preview (click the link above). The full program including the 6 week fully video guided rehab and strengthening plan is $49

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