Your First 5km!

Why is Pilates the best thing to add to your training plan?

  • Who?

    Program is designed specifically for Your First 5km Participants. Sessions are available LIVE but there are also ANYTIME sessions if you cannot make the times. Bring a mate to your sessions, put some tunes and let's embrace the Pilates burn together!

  • How

    Pilates strength and mobility to prime your body for your first 5km! These workout will help with pre run activation and post run recovery to get the most out of your training, prevent injury and reach your run goals.

  • Why

    Your First 5km Pilates sessions target core and deep muscle strength, increase mobility, and muscular endurance, enhanced movement efficiency and posture to help prevent injury run effortlessly.


All sessions can be done with minimla equipment, in the comfort of your own home ANY time that suits. Bring a mat, a chair, a pillow and a band (with some good tunes) and we can embrace the Pilates fun together. It's a simple yet effective home workout which gives you seriously amazing run specific results!

  • The Ultimate Run guide: pre and post run exercise routines to help run fast and bounce back for your next session!

  • LIVE whole body Pilates workouts: Monday 6pm

  • LIVE Stretch and Mobility classes AKA Winedown for recovery and flexibility: Friday 5pm

  • ANYTIME Pilates sessions to do on demand in your own time.

The Session Line up

  • 1

    Your First 5km Pilates Platform

    • Is Pilates the Successful Running Secret?

  • 2

    LIVE Pilates with AB

    • Pilates for Beginners - Monday 6pm

    • Friday WINE DOWN - Stretch and Mobility 5pm

  • 3

    ANYTIME Pilates (on demand - beginner level)

    • 1. Beginner Pilates with AB under 30mins

    • 2. Beginner Canned Pilates under 30mins

  • 4

    'Anytime' Stretch & Mobility Sessions

    • 1. Stretch and Mobility (Winedown) 35mins -hip flexors and thoracic

    • 2. Stretch and Mobility (Winedown) - spinal mobility, hips and thoracic

  • 5

    'Anytime' ABS with AB Sessions

    • ABS with AB (30 mins Beginner)

    • ABS with AB (30 mins Intermediate)