Who are the FREE Pilates @ Home Session designed for?

  • Beginners looking to start pilates

    In this session I talk you through every move explaining the basics, allowing you grasp the techniques prior to levelling up!

  • Seasoned pilates addicts looking for their online tribe

    Along with explaining good solid technique I guide you through more advanced moves to push you further, I'm a seasoned pro and still feel the burn with this session!

  • Athletes looking for strengthening techniques

    Being a seasoned runner myself and also a physiotherapist I combine strengthening exercises into my routines, especially for runners wanting to avoid injuries.

What's in this FREE Pilates @ Home Session

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    What you need to know

    • Free Pilates @ Home Sessions

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    LIVE MOBILITY CLASSES WITH AB: "Winedown" Friday 5pm

    • WINE DOWN - Stretch and Mobility Friday 5pm

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    • 10min Morning Stretch Routine (limbering up the hips, shoulders and spine)




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    ON DEMAND 28 Minute Beginner Pilates Session

    • Introduction to Pilates Beginner Session

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    ON DEMAND 24 Minute Intermediate Pilates Session

    • Step Up with this Intermediate Session

How will Pilates @ Home help you?

One of the most common pieces of feedback I get is... being online and available on any device is so convenient and ensures that there are no excuses to not participate...

  • Improves flexibility and increases muscle strength and tone on both sides of your body

  • Improves posture and reduces the risk of injury from your every day activities

  • Improves concentration, body awareness, positive stress management and relaxation leading to a better night's sleep

What do others think of these FREE Pilates @ Home Sessions?

5 star rating

Awesome session, feeling pumped to try the live sessions

Ben Pettit

I've never tried pilates before and was a little apprehensive to give it a go, however the instructions from Alice are super clear and it really helps to be ...

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I've never tried pilates before and was a little apprehensive to give it a go, however the instructions from Alice are super clear and it really helps to be able to see her guiding on video, I was able to stream this to my TV and do it in my lounge room which is great, I'm pumped to try the live sessions now!

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Get Started Now!

There is no catch here, this is a completely free session for you to try and see if my style of Pilates @ Home suits you 😃

Meet your Instructor

Alice Baquie

I'm Alice. I am a physiotherapist, clinical pilates instructor, runner, yogi and exercise consultant. I live my life by the simple mantra of “Movement as Medicine”. Whether that’s through the restoration of movement after an injury, or making a movement more efficient for a performance benefit, I'll assist you in restoring your best mobility. I grew up competing at an elite level in gymnastics, and later in distance running. I know the demands that sport and exercise, especially at the elite level, can place on the body. Throughout my athletic career I have had my fair share of injuries. I understand the importance of managing pain, restoring function and gaining strength/mobility in order to achieve a healthier and happier life.

Any Device... Any Time... Anywhere...

You can do this Pilates @ Home FREE session literally anywhere. At home, at work, or even outside in the park if you wish, it can be accessed on any device with an internet connection, including smart TVs!